29 January 2011

Lil B the Based God- I still can't sleep

B 1 of the best rappers in the game right now

27 January 2011

Wiz Khalifa-On my Level

Young Khalifa

25 January 2011

Sex Syrup

16 January 2011

Pill- Glass

The Left Rights- I'm on Crack

shouts to the pod

BIG H Freestyle

dis cool 2 me


next level hip hop sht

15 January 2011

Pacman in the Wild


Soulja Boy- Smooky


13 January 2011

Dub-der Mifflin

Dubstep Office Video - pretty dope

shouts out to t3h p0d

11 January 2011

Mac Miller Freestyle

Eli Porter Freestyle Remix


New Kanye Leak

why is this blog awesome.  idk maybe cuz i got all da new hottest hip hop traxxx

lets see how long this link lasts b4 the UMG police hunt me down


09 January 2011

Lil B- We are the World

2 many B posts

Shiny Toy Guns- Major Tom (DJ GLEBSTAR dubstep remix)

Flower Warfare

What do you think its flower warfare

08 January 2011

Drinking Game

new drinking game to try with your friends

Lil Wayne's Legendary Freestyle

I'm almost positive he wrote this.  also this is mad old.  also theres a whale in the boat

Wiz Khalifa Black & Yellow (g-mix) with T-Pain, Snoop Dogg & Juicy J


06 January 2011

Rich Hil X 3

this rapper Rich Hil Is Dope so i post 3 times

05 January 2011

Monster- Muppets Visuals


01 January 2011

Lil B- Age of Information

Happy new year