30 September 2011

T-Pain X Wiz Khalifa X Lily Allen "5 O'Clock" [Video]

A new joint from the King of Autotune, with some help from Lily Allen (vocals) and Young Khalifa does alright with this melancholy beat...

28 September 2011

Riff Raff & Kid Sister - "Hide and Seek" [Video]

Rice was shimmering down from heaven during the shooting of this video.

Kendrick Lamar Freestyle (Shade 45 Sway in the Morning) [Video]

25 September 2011

Mac Miller "Smile Back"


21 September 2011

"Huzzah" Mshka Collabo

Couple dope verses on this 1.

Wu Tang "Heart Gently Weeps" off 8 Diagrams

One of the best hip-hop tracks to come out in the XXth  XXIst century kid

18 September 2011

The Dean's List X OnCue "All Systems Go" (Video)

This is dope music.


Asap Rocky is very Dope.  Production by Beautiful Lou!

16 September 2011

Frank Ocean "Swim Good" (Video)

Frank Ocean is very unique.

frank ocean [swim good] from christopher francis ocean on Vimeo.

13 September 2011

12 September 2011

YP - "Who I Be" (Video)

Lyrics pretty tight.

Lil B - "Can I Live 4 Real"

Lil B is Crazy and Fucking Stupid but this is a Dope Track and I respect some other sh*t that he's done...

10 September 2011

09 September 2011

Kid Cudi "Mr. Rager" (video)

lol.  Kid cudi battles some inked up white dudes and then stabs himself with a knife.  This is very deep and meaningful.  lol

Kid Cudi x S2A - "Mr Rager" from Surface to Air on Vimeo.

Timeflies - "Turn it Up" (Video)

08 September 2011

07 September 2011

06 September 2011

Sean P "Untitled" (Video)

02 September 2011

Stalley - "Sound of Silence" (video)

Luke Raith - Lucid