29 December 2011

2 Chainz "Money Makin' Mission" (Video)

I, also, am on a similar mission, akin to Mr. Chainz mission, in an attempt to acquire currency.

28 December 2011

27 December 2011

MF DOOM "Change the Beat" (Video)

Directed by a friend of mine, Alan Grunberg.

DJ Earworm "United State of Pop 2011" (Video)

These are always entertaining, check out the past years if you like this one.

25 December 2011

Mike Stud "Sammy's Shadow" (Video)

Sunday Girl "Where Is My Mind?" (Video)

Skrillex "Ruffneck" (Video)

Merry fucking Christmas!  God I love Skrillex.

Asher Roth "Common Knowledge" (Video)

Ludacris X Meek Mill "Say it to My Face" (Video)

20 December 2011

18 December 2011

14 December 2011

50 Cent X Paris "Queens NY" (Video)


13 December 2011

12 December 2011

Fabolous "Killen' Em" (Video)

Feat. Amber Rose

Cam'ron X Vado "Speaking in Tungs" (Video)

01 December 2011

Ka "Collage" (Video)

This is like some sort of 2012 Wu Tang Apocalpyto Retrospective